Sveltekit Components

Building Sveltekit Ecosystem
for Your Next Project

Kickstart your development with the Sveltekit Components library, a tool of the Sveltekit ecosystem by TheUI. It includes the power of Sveltekit and TailwindCSS to speed up your development. So, build fast, deliver faster.

npm i @theui/sveltekit-components


Build fast, deliver fast

Out of the box highly accessible and customizable components includes the power of SvelteKit and the features of the TailwindCSS together to make an awesome tool that speedup your development process.

Accessible Components

All of the components have built-in accessibility attributes. You can customize or add new aria attributes whenever you need them.

Color & Branding

Out of the box customizable color configuration allows you to maintain the brand identity and helps you to follow the consistency in theming efficiently.

Highly Customizable

Customize allmost everything you want with a lot of configurations for each component allow you the freedom to design in your own way.

Fully typed

Speed up your development process with the power of fully typed component. Get the hints of the values with the Typescript support.