Getting Started

Kickstart your development with the Sveltekit Components library, a tool of the Sveltekit ecosystem by TheUI. It includes the power of Sveltekit and TailwindCSS to speed up your development. So, build fast, deliver faster.

Introduction #

The Sveltekit Components is an official Sveltekit component library of TheUI, designed on the top of TailwindCSS. The components are highly accessible and customizable out of the box.

It includes the power of SvelteKit and the features of the TailwindCSS together to make an awesome tool that speedup your development process.

Features #

The main features of the component library are:

  • Accessible components
  • Dark/light mode supports
  • Theming and branding just with a single line CSS
  • Highly customizable
  • RTL supports (Coming soon)
  • Fully typed

Available Components #

This library includes 20 components and still counting. The components are given below: